White Girl Drinks

by Happy Hour

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I'm ready to order
A pumpkin spiced latte
Three shots of espresso
And please no whip cream

What filter works I can't choose
High waisted skirt high top shoes

Oh my God
Tomi's right
Don't be such a snowflake
Go find your safe space
Obviously, I've got a job
Obviously, it's with my mom
Don't throw shade
I've got it made

My privilege shows, never a question
Everyone knows, always the upper hand

(Is it cultural appropriation)
Every time I sip
(Every time that I sip)
But I still leave a tip
(Imported caffeination)
Order my favorite drink
(That's my fucking shit)
The caffeine helps me think

Whip out the selfie stick snap the crew
(Oh my god I forgot my Tumblr login)
I'm black but I got white girl attitude
(May I please speak to your manager)

Deep down, don't wanna let it go
Call myself multicultural
Got friends, from around the world
Still want to put a brick in the wall

Grab me by the pussy
Hashtag snap tweet share
Hillary for prison

My privilege shows, never a question
Everyone knows, always the upper hand

(Useless Kardashian Reference)
I need Kylie's kit
(You know that I need the attention)
Even though it's shit
(Kat Von D went too far)
Who the fuck is Kat Von D
(Don't mess with the boy Jeffrey Star)

Gonna wake gonna bake gonna make another day go by where I stay on top
Gonna put on my high top socks
Gonna hit up my favorite shops
Gotta blog bouta song that I heard on my way downtown all the way to the bucks
Gotta fill my offensive cup
Show all my baristas love
So far so good, make conversation
With all the pretty people that make up my nation
So far so good, never out of hand
Until I'm triggered by some local motherfuckin band
Don't fuck with me, can't you even see?
I believe in everything that I see on tv
Don't lead me on, I'm a ticking bomb
Start an argument with me and I will set it off
Set if off


released February 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Happy Hour Miami, Florida

Experimental post -hardcore form South Florida

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